Monday, January 12, 2015


Sitting with the girls of a high school youth group and talking about friendships last night was eye opening.

Maybe these topics we talk to the teens about, we should  be reviewing with the adults as well.

The importance of waiting & choosing your close friends wisely, is something I watch my own peers (and I myself as well) struggle with.

We want to be liked, we want to be able to call those people our friends.

Telling the girls that since high school, I have lost contact with most of the friends I had back then. There's only 2 I still talk I get together with for lunch nearly every month & the other just sort of shows up when I really need her (like when I was giving birth to my 4th child) but we always pick up like no time has passed.

Telling them that, made me realize I  need to worry less about how many best friends I have.

I have a friend who called me today, with a very personal problem & I was able to listen & talk & will check in on them later today...and I know I can turn to her anytime for the same. I  just thought after getting of the phone that it was one of the ways God is reiterating  the message to me again today.

It's great to have your best friends, but it's even better when you are patient and wise in your choices of who those are.

It's not about Quantity,  but friendship is entirely  about Quality.

Now,  into my 30's, I can say that I have a couple of good close friends and I am more choosy over who I share those deepest  concerns with. God has blessed me with great Godly friends. He has stepped in and based on His Word we find in the bible, has set me up with the perfect people to be in my life. ♡